HD03-0549 - 18' WORK Meister L1 Rimset

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Description: 18' WORK Meister L1 Rimset
Brand: HobbyDesign
Part Number: HD03-0549
Material: Resin Wheels / Metal Barrels
Scale: 1:24

Kit Includes:

  -2x Resin Front Wheels
  -2x Resin Rear Wheels

  -4x Metal Valve Stems

About Hobby Designs:

Hobby Design's company was a car model manufacture, Our company design and produce the car model and racing car model for the world's hottest car model. Our company produce the car model for every scale model, Such as 1:24 scale,1:20 scale, 1:12 scale, 1:18 scale car model. Our company use the newest 3D technology design and produce the car models.

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