Minicreek Studio - Garage Dock Diorama Scene


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Type: Garage Dock Scene
Brand: Minicreek Studio
Part Number: GD-09-DIORAMA
Material: Acrylic / PVC
Scale: 1:64


Dimensions - 26.6 cm x 17.8 cm x 14.2 cm with Clear Box Cover

The front faces the road and the river background.  In the river, a small pier with an old speedboat also represent with a nice quality. The details of the scene can be used in variety of ways, such as the water pipes with carp. The water pipe cap can be set to the position of the cap as needed. Clothes can be dried along the railings, etc. 🚦The scene is equipped with an LED lighting system for lighting.

This set includes the following:

Figure fisherman
Figure Smoking man
JJ pants
Lamp the way up
200 liter bucket, dented
200 liter drum with skewers
1 engine
3 sets of pallets
8 water pipe caps
Minicreek pointed pliers
Shop sign on the roof

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