ZoomOn Z040 - Toyota HiACE CRS Transkit

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Description: Toyota HiACE CRS Transkit

Includes the following:

1.1 Crs front bumoer & parts x4
1.2 Crs front hood x1
1.3 Crs front lips x1
1.4 Crs side lips & parts x4
1.5 Crs over fender parts x4
1.6 Crs rear bumper x1
1.7 Door handle parts x4
1.8 Antenna x1
1.9 Rear spoiler x1
1.10 Tail light parts x4

2.1 Roll cage parts x7
2.2 Gas pedal x1
2.3 Gear shift x1
2.4 Handbrake x1
2.5 Steering wheel hub adaptor x1
2.6 Tachometer part x1
2.7 Momo racing steering wheel x1
2.8 Bride bucket seat x2

3.1 Breboo front brake x2
3.2 Oil cooler x1

4.1 Essex Type ENCM rim x4
4.2 Dunlop Direzza 03G tyres x4

5.1 Steering wheel metal part x1
5.2 Metal exhaust x2
5.3 Metal rim ring x4
5.4 Tachometer Small x2 Big x3

6.1 Decal x2
6.2 Painting masking sticker x3
6.3 Photo-etched part (PE) x2
6.4 Metal sticker x1

7.1 Seat belt x5

Brand: ZoomOn
Part Number: Z040
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:24

About ZoomOn:

ZoomOn is a professional modeling team established at 2014/10/10. The vision of ZoomOn is to satisfy your dream towards the model parts. We will always listen to your desire on the model parts. 

We, as a model player, will definitely bring you the most precise and most resemble model. 1/24 scale model will be the main product of ZoomOn. It is hoped that we will create more surprise to the world of model player continuously in the future. 

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