Size, Scale and Price Comparison Explained for Die-cast and Resin Model Cars

Complete Guide about Size, Scale and Price Die-cast Model Cars

Are you confused about choosing the right scale of model cars?

Do you not have an idea about the actual size of each scale?

Collecting die-cast model cars is a popular hobby. The car-lovers are always excited to own the most-loved car model. Usually people don’t have an idea about the each scale die-cast model cars and resins car in details. So, don’t get confused because we are here for you. In this blog, we will give you a complete guide about the most common scaled die-cast model cars.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the most common queries of model cars collector.

Which scaled die-cast model cars available in market?

Die-cast model cars are frequently available in various scales. The manufacturers have produced as small as 1/144 and as large as 1/4 scale. However, 12 scale model cars are common ones in large category. Other than these, you can also find 18 scale, 43 scale and 64 scale die-cast model cars in the market.

What are the dimensions of 12-scale model car?

12 scale model cars are generally 14½ inches long, 5½ inches wide and 4 to 4½ inches tall.

What are the dimensions of 18-scale model car?

18 scale model cars are generally 9½ inches long, 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

What are the dimensions of 43-scale model car?

43 scale model cars are generally 4¾ inches long, 1¾ inches wide and 1 inch tall.

What are the dimensions of 64-scale model car?

64 scale model cars are generally 2¾ inches long, 1 inches wide and ¾ inch ta

Which scale model car has best detailing?

It depends upon the brand of the car. However, the 12 scale die-case model cars have best detailing so far. These are quite big in size. Thus, they got more room for fine and quality detailing. In addition, the 18 scale model cars are also big models. Both of these scales are suitable for high-end users fond of more dashing cars collection.

What is the price range for 12-scale, 18-scale, 43-scale and 64-scale model cars?

In the aforementioned categories, 12-scale model cars are most expensive. These fine quality cars costs between $300 and $700. You can get 18-scale die-cast model car for $150 to $300. Meanwhile, 43-scale model car costs $100 to $150. The price of 64-scale model cars falls between $15 and $40.

Keep in mind that the price of each car depends upon the brand, model, detailing and overall quality of the product.

What are the most common scale cars?

The most common scale for diecast model car is 64-scale. These are easily recognized. Matchbox and Hot Wheels use this scale to describe their vehicles. Most of die-cast model cars collector demands 64-scale cars because these are not heavy on the pocket. Mostly, you would find 64-scale model cars everywhere.

Still can’t figure out the most suitable model car for you?

Unless you have years of experience, the accurate evaluation of the value of a die-cast model car is difficult and can be time consuming. So, don’t get confused.  Checkout the detailed overview of Size, Scale and Price Comparison for Die-cast and Resin Model Cars  in this video guide.  Get to know more about the exciting grade model cars from a variety of brands at our Youtube Channel: Model Cars Houston


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