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Motorhelix 1:18 Honda s2000 ap2

Preordered when it was announced CRS. Arrived 7 months later. The details on this diecast is beyond my expectations. It comes with an additional f20c motor, a soft top, hardtop and a hardtop stand.

To tell? Or not to tell...

I ordered a GCD 4 runner it's beautiful. Came bubble wrapped in a nice box. Highchew at work bro??!? Hell yah!!! I could see why itd be tough to spread the word about this gem of a site. Some may want to keep it their own little secret, as it has a tremendous selection of limited resin and diecast!
Thanks all at modelcarhouston!

Model Cars Houston
John Crislip
BBR 1:18 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA in Rosso

As always, another SUPER purchase from James @ Model Cars Houston!. He had this beautiful car on sale for $189.00. It was originally $389.00. UNBELIEVABLE DEAL!!.. For many years, James has been my GO TO GUY for my Resin/Diecast Car purchases and as always, he always knocks it out of the park. I have never, ever had an issue with 1 car that I have bought from him, and believe me, I have added quite a bit of cars onto my shelves thanks to James. What impresses me so much about him is that he only sells HIGH END Resin/Diecast Cars. He does not sell all of these cheap knock-offs that are out there everywhere. That tells me he is there for his customers, not just to put more money into his pockets. He also does You-Tube videos to enlighten us
about what we like and to help the beginners getting into this hobby. So James, a big "THANK YOU" for everything!!. You will always have a customer for life with me..

Model Cars Houston
Jose Rodriguez
First time

First time I shop with you. Good packing and fast shipping. I'm very grateful and hope to get more. Thank you.

Super excited

Frist time ordering an per order from modle cars houston. I was wondering if I ever going to see my order. Modle cars houston explain the process and i was worry free. I got the order6 months later and was super excited. Tha k you so much for not letting me down. Ill be putting in new order from you. And you make a customer for life time. Thank you.

Model Cars Houston
Tyler Blackman
Model Cars Houston Quality Service

I do not normally write reviews, however Model Cars Houston 110% deserves one. I have been doing business with Model Cars Houston for about a year now. I will continue to do business due to the quality of business. MCH responds very quickly to inquiries. Shipping is incredibly fast as well. Should also comment the shipping is quality packed to ensure no damage. The shop selection is second to none. MCH has helped me source some rare and very high quality Make Up Eidolon models. Was also able to snag an AUTOart 1:18 NISMO Z-Tune. I have done both pre-orders & available models, with zero issues. Would you believe he made sure my BCNR33 Mine's Skyline GT-R arrived for 3/3 day? Top Notch Great Business!!!

Model Cars Houston
Chris Abraham

MCH is my go-to for the majority of my collection. What started as 1 resin model has quickly grown to tens of thousands in value. James is a great help in sourcing me the pieces I want from MAKEUP CO. I highly recommend MCH.

Very fast and good packaging

Very quick shipping and also very protective. I was a little anxious since I bought a special car that the package would come damaged but nope they took care of the package and arrived safely will recommend to friends and you also get a little treat.

A Good Store To Guarantee A Pre-Order

I've bought through here three times and the product is always wrapped/packed very well and always ships quickly right after release. It's a good place to buy to guarantee a pre-order that might be limited release. You can catch some YouTube videos with the seller as well. I even got a Hi-Chew candy and a Datsun sticker thrown in my last shipment!

Model Cars Houston
Erik Mariscal
Amazing little Diecast car

I never knew a car this small would make me so happy the pop race Kaiden racer quality was amazing coming from a collector that collects m2 machine and hot wheel. I definitely gonna want to start collecting more higher end die cast 1/64 I will definitely purchase from here again

Returning customer.

I've purchased some 1/64 from James in the past and today I received my LCD 1/18 Toyota Supra. Via mail order the model box arrived packed well and unscuff. This is important to me as I keep all my model's boxes.
I'll be ording more from Model Cars Houston.

Model Cars Houston
Dave Bandilla
Mini Gt Subaru Impreza WRC98 #22

I love the Mini GT Subarus! This was no exception! Excellent product with amazing service! James is the best!!!

Model Cars Houston
John Crislip
Model Cars Houston

If you have never dealt with James at Model Cars Houston, I highly recommend it as you will not be disappointed. I have made many purchases throughout the years and never had any issue whatsoever. If you have a question about a product, he is very prompt about getting back with you. I absolutely love his you tube videos to help educate on a variety of subjects too. He actually cares about his customers, unlike a lot of other businesses I have dealt with in the past. He always has the JDM Cars that I desire and as always, at very reasonable prices. He does not mark them up like the others do. He has a customer for life with me and I am not giving him 5 STARS*****.. I am giving him 10 STARS**********

Model Cars Houston
Aaron Alifen
First pre-order

Packaging was very nice. Bubble wrapped my 1:64th scale kaido house 089 R33 v2. Got some freebies on the side as well. Thank you so much. I preordered it but was worth the wait. Cant wait to get the rests of my preorders!

Best store!

I love ordering through here. James really takes care of you when you order through him. He ships out within 24 hours and is communicative about shipping delays. I had an issue where I had entered my address incorrectly so I messaged him on Facebook. He responded immediately while he was out and took care of it within the same night.

Model Cars Houston
Dave Bandilla
The Best!

James is passionate about what he does! This is evident in his quality of selection and his excellent customer service!

Model Cars Houston
Bryan Reynolds
Best selection

MCH has the best selection I've seen for 1:64 (and more but all I collect is 1:64) and I appreciate that they have an online presence to put a face to the website, remind you that you're dealing with another person not just a form to fill in your credit card info. If you see something hot announced this is the place to get your reservation in and make sure you will have it when the manufacturers finally release it.

Model Cars Houston
Stephen Surfaro
Passion for the little things

It's so important to be passionate about what you do, how you fulfill orders and how you educate, and James does all three well. Ultra fast shipping and amazing prices make MCH a GREAT Small Business. My only suggestion is better shipping boxes in case someone goes "postal" on PopRace LOL.

Model Cars Houston
Ariel G Rodriguez

Awesome service. awesome models, awesome prices and awesome service too! Will keep on buying!

Model Cars Houston
Jeff Derion
One of the internet's best dealers

James has used his passion for high quality models to build a spirited community of like-minded enthusiasts who wind up being enthusiastic customers. This is a great site to shop.

Both a great shop and a great community

I ordered my first high quality model car this year. I watched a few videos on YouTube on what brands to look for to ensure I was buying a quality collectible and stumbled across several videos from Model Cars Houston offering comparisons and other helpful videos for someone who is new to the hobby. After my first order of one 1:18 scale and a few 1:64 scale models, I joined the Facebook group and I've been very impressed. The involvement and sense of community is great, and since then I've placed several pre-orders and plan on ordering more.

Model Cars Houston
joseph fuselier
A rare gem

I've always preferred to build a working relationship with those with a passion for their craft. Especially when it's a family owned business that provides individual attention, additional knowledge, feature products, all with prices that are often less than big stores.
This is that kind of store. Cars that i cannot find in store within a 2 hour drive start at 14 dollars here. And see discount pricing soon after their arrival.

Model Cars Houston
Ian Washburn
Great place to buy from

Have bought many items some pre-order and some not. Always arrive in perfect condition and great communication. James is great about posting upcoming items on Facebook so you get a chance to get in on the preorders.

Great Customer Service!

I pre ordered an INNO64 1:64 Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32) in purple. Shortly after doing so, they release the same car in yellow for pre-order, I really wanted the yellow model. I contacted customer service and expressed my desire. They were able to refund my order for the purple model and put in an order for the yellow model. Keeping up with the status and tracking ws easy using the Shop app. I highly recommend Model Cars Houston when shopping for new 1/64 scale diecast cars.


Great customer service. Always friendly and helpful.