How to Clean your Collectible Die Cast and Resin Model Cars

Do you find it hard to maintain the clean look of your die-cast and resin model car collection?

Have you often found dust particles on the exterior surface of these cars?

Don’t worry... In this blog, we will give you a proper guideline to about how to clean your die-cast and resin model cars just like brand-new. So, without further ado, let’s go straight to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What could be the most common type of dirt on die-cast and resin model cars?

Die-cast and resin model cars usually catch dust in the air. It makes them look dull and old. Along with that, there could be fingerprints on the cars exterior surface as well.

What is the ideal way to clean these model cars?

The best method to clean your collection is dusting and polishing.

Can we wash the model cars with water?

There are huge chances of rusting if washed with water. However, depending upon the type of dirt, you can wash the cars in a controlled environment and with specific washing agents.

What do we need to remove the dust from model cars?

In order to entirely remove the dust, you would need polishing pads, and a set of makeup brushes.

How to start the dusting procedure?

Start wiping the layer dust through large makeup brush. Once the dust is removed, wipe out the car body and roof with polish pads.


What size of polishing pads is recommended?


We recommend you to use small sized polishing pads. However, you can use medium or big pads as well. But small ones are easy to handle and easily reach the difficult corners and small spaces. You can buy the best quality polish pads from Amazon.


Why should I choose the polish pads?

The polish pads will remove the fingerprints and any residue of greasy elements from die-cast and resin model cars’ body. Along with that, it will give back the brand-new outlook by making them super-shimmer.

Can we use the pre-loved makeup brushes?

Never use the already-used makeup brushes. It may have makeup residue on it leaving the color mark on cars. So, always go for the brand-new makeup brushes. You can buy the ideal makeup brushes from Amazon.     


Can we use the canned air?

The canned air is preferred for cleaning keyboards and other electronics. For cleaning die-cast and resin model cars with canned air, you need to be extra cautious. The forceful air and the air foam can actually damage the model’s finish. If you think you are vigilant enough to use Air Duster, buy it now from Amazon. 


 Pro Tip: Safe your costly die-cast and resin model cars from dust by placing them inside the display case. You got the standard ones with packaging. However, fancy LED Display cases are also available at Amazon.

You can keep the air clean by using the air purifier. It will accurately sucks in the dust particles from air. The air purifier is recommended when you are cleaning the model cars. It will capture the dust and airborne particles that can be inhaled in easily.

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