How to Display Collectible Model Cars with this Stunning LED Display Case

Are you fond of collector grade die-cast model cars?

Are you wondering how to steal the show by displaying them with a wow factor?

Letting your worthy model cars sit out in open air is not a great idea. Because of dust particles, bugs and airborne chemical reactions, it will lose its shine and vibrant colors.  Thus, for die-cast collectors, cases are essential items. In this blog, we will give you detailed overview of how to make your 1/64 scale model cars look fantastic by using the Illumicase+ with LED Lights and Mirror Base and BackIn conjunction with a tiered base to give it a nice step up!

Why should I go for Illumicase+?

Illumicase+ LED display case is the perfect box to nicely display your collectibles. It creates a perfect lighted atmosphere through LED and reflective mirrored surfaces on the base and back. Overall, it enhances the display style of any object found within it!

Is it necessary to buy tiered base?

The tiered base is a wonderful add-on. It nicely compliments the Illumicase+ by dividing it into 2 tiers. It gives you a freedom to display the cars in more alluring arrangement.

How many cars can I fit into Illumicase+?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding how many cars you can actually fit into showcase. It all depends upon your preference and display style. For instance, if you place the cars side by side, it will occupy less space and more cars can be fit into it.

However, if you choose to display them at certain angle then few cars can be accommodated in it. For 45 degree angle, you can evenly place 10 cars.  So, you are welcome to squeeze as many cars as you want.  Don't forget about 1/43 scale and 1/18 scale as well!

How can I place the tier inside the showcase?

In order to put the tier into box, first, you need to pull off the front cover. For that you just need to slightly push the cover up and then pull the cover out.

Then, you can simply place the tier inside the vacant space. Watch a complete guide about how to assemble the tier and LED Box here:

How to Setup this AMAZING Display for your Die-cast Model Cars

What type of die-cast cars can I put inside the case?

It depends upon your collection and personal choice. You can either place the generic cars or showcase the versatile ones. For the best results in terms of presentation, you can put the different types of cars all at once.

What is the recommended size of cars for Illumicase+?

For an effective display, it is important to consider the size of cars. You can choose the car model that scales as 1/64, 1/43, 1/32, 1/24, and 1/18.  Just note that depending on the scale will reflect how many can fit inside.

Why should I choose the Illumicase+ LED showcase?

The small LED bulbs at the ceiling enhance the outlook of cars. As mentioned earlier, it has a mirror base and back. So, when you switch on the LED bulbs, it creates a glossy and luxurious ambience within the box with light reflecting and bouncing off surfaces and your model cars.

BEFORE with no LED on:

AFTER with LED on:

Get to know more about the visually- appealing display setup for your Die-cast Model Cars. You can get to know more about the exciting grade model cars from a variety of brands at our YouTube Channel: Model Cars Houston

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