Make Up Co., Ltd / Eidolon 1:43 Nissan Skyline LB-ER34 Super Silhouette TOKYO AUTO SALON 2020

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Make: Nissan
Model: Skyline (ER34)
Color: Black / Red
Brand: Make Up Co., Ltd. / Eidolon
Part Number: LB010
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:43
Release Date*: Released

Vehicle Description:

It will be a model that faithfully reproduces the "LB-ER34 Super Silhouette Skyline" announced in 2020 from the aero brand "LB Silhouette Works" series developed by "Liberty Walk" in Nagoya.

Model development began with 3D scanning in cooperation with Liberty Walk. The data obtained from 3D scanning is superimposed on the Skyline R34 developed by our company to reproduce accurate styling.

3D scanning is also useful when recreating interiors. The unevenness of the exposed floor panel and the door panel with the inner part removed also reproduce the atmosphere of the actual car.

The radiator peeking out from the holes in the front grille and hood is reproduced with separate parts, so that you can feel the three-dimensional depth.

A powerful rear diffuser is installed, but there is no omission in reproduction because the differential and undercarriage are molded further back.

The slick tyres are fitted to the "Advan Racing GT" wheels. You can also enjoy accurate shape by 3D scanning and sharp reproducibility by white metal.

The livery of the DR30 Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouette is reproduced by painting separately. Each logo and vinyl is traced and reproduced accurately.

Product Description:

Nagoya-based Liberty Walk is a customization brand that incorporates the "works style" represented by Kenmeri and Hakoska into modern sports cars and supercars, and is attracting attention not only in Japan but all over the world!

The race category "Super Silhouette Race", which was popular in the early 1980s, retained the style of a production car in appearance, but it was a hot race contested by monster machines equipped with large overhanging chin spoilers and over fenders. In particular, the DR30 Skyline RS Turbo Super Silhouette was extremely popular.
At Liberty Walk, aero development was carried out with the concept of making such a super silhouette machine in the modern skyline.

The protruding chin spoiler reminiscent of the silhouette formula and the large over-fenders were finished as if they were tracing racing racing cars of the time. The rear wings have the same design as the R35 GT-R Silhouette Works on both sides.
The interior is inspired by a racing car, and the interior has been stripped down and roll cages and bucket seats have been added.


About Make Up Co., Ltd.:

Our make-up was born in a room in "Central Apartment" in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1978.

Its history begins when our representative Hideyuki Uemoto was inspired by the model culture of his area at the annual "Model Engineer Exhibition" held at Wembley Park in the United Kingdom.

Here, we will deliver the history of our company by interweaving Uemoto's own recollections.


  • Includes acrylic base
  • Includes acrylic case
  • Limited to 200 pieces world wide!

About Resin Models:
Although higher in price, resin models offer an extreme amount of detail and precision.  The finish is near flawless in presentation, they are limited in production, they offer a ton of photo-etch details and some of the tiniest features are shown.  Resin models are especially great when it comes to makes, models and aftermarket styles that we often do not see when it comes to our favorite cars.  These are offered in every model car scale and great for the collector minded people that want something unique from every angle.


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