Make Up Co., Ltd. / EIDOLON 1:18 Porsche 911 Singer DLS Racer X 2022

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Make: Porsche

Model: 911 Singer SLS
Color: Silver (Red Interior)
Brand: Make Up Co., Ltd. / IDEA
Part Number: EML018D
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:18
Release Date*: Released

  • Includes base
  • Includes acrylic case
  • Includes metal plate
  • Limited edition model car

Vehicle Description:
Singer Vehicle Design was established in 2009. Based on the Porsche 964, Rob Dixon, a guitarist in a rock band based in the U.K., has created a restomod with a lighter and more rigid body, higher engine output, and stronger suspension under the keyword of "Re-imagine. The exterior is based on the Porsche 911.

The exterior has been down-dated to pay homage to the early Porsche 911 models (1964-1973), and the interior and exterior coloring and materials can be bespoke by the owner, which has also led to a flood of orders from celebrities around the world.
The DLS is a Singer Porsche Evolution model unveiled in 2017, and as its name (Dynamics and Lightweighting Study) suggests, it uses a lot of carbon to keep the car's body weight down to 990 kg, less than a ton, and was developed by former Porsche engineer The car is powered by a naturally aspirated engine that produces 500 horsepower from a 4-liter displacement, and was developed by Hans Metzger, a former Porsche engineer. The price tag of 200 million yen also attracted attention.

The exterior is also very different from the usual Singer Porsche, with larger aero divices, over fenders, and forged center locks that incorporate the Porsche 911's genuine "Porsche alloys," a.k.a. Hooks-style design. The rear quarter window is also fitted. An intake in the rear quarter window leads to the engine induction.

The limited production run of 75 units has already been booked, and it seems that the one and only DLS is being delivered all over the world. Each DLS car has a unique nickname, and this time the motif is based on one named Racer X.


Model Description:
This is the fourth color variation model of the Singer DLS released from our Eidolon series, which has been well received every time.

The Singer DLS is a restomod based on the Porsche 964. We started the modeling process by drawing the interior and exterior design of the Singer on our Porsche 911 data. After that, we determined the details from various data and reflected all of them, and then finalized the coloring and the use of different materials.

The model uses injection-molded plastic parts that excel in reproducibility for the intake located in the rear quarter window that directs fresh air to the engine intake and the rear window with integrated ducts, which are characteristic details of the real car.

High-quality white metal parts with plating are used for the lights. The wheels are made of injection molded spokes, etched parts, and machined aluminum rims with excellent roundness and a texture close to that of the real car.

This time, the one and only Singer DLS named "Racer X" is reproduced. Not only the body color, but also the interior color is an exact replica of the Racer X. Singer's concept of "Everything is important" has been put into practice in the model car world with our Singer DLS.

About Resin Models:
Although higher in price, resin models offer an extreme amount of detail and precision.  The finish is near flawless in presentation, they are limited in production, they offer a ton of photo-etch details and some of the tiniest features are shown.  Resin models are especially great when it comes to makes, models and aftermarket styles that we often do not see when it comes to our favorite cars.  These are offered in every model car scale and great for the collector minded people that want something unique from every angle.

About Make Up Co., Ltd.:

Our make-up was born in a room in "Central Apartment" in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1978.

Its history begins when our representative Hideyuki Uemoto was inspired by the model culture of his area at the annual "Model Engineer Exhibition" held at Wembley Park in the United Kingdom.

Here, we will deliver the history of our company by interweaving Uemoto's own recollections.


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