EIDOLON 1:43 Nissan Fairlady Z Prototype 2020 in Ikazuchi Yellow

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Make: Nissan
Model: Fairlady Z Prototype
Color: Ikazuchi Yellow
Brand: Make Up Co., Ltd.
Part Number: EM570
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:43

Vehicle description:

The Fairlady Z Prototype is a prototype that hints at the next generation of the Fairlady Z. The design incorporates motifs from the original Fairlady Z (S30) and Z32.

The design incorporates motifs from the first generation Fairlady Z (S30) and Z32, making it a very familiar design.

The beautiful silhouette, long nose and short deck are also inherited from the Fairlady Z.

The latest technology is used for the lights, and the LED daylights and tail lights are not just a nostalgic car, but a modern sports car.

Features of the model car:

This model was modeled based on the 3D data provided by Nissan Motor Co.

It has a simple silhouette similar to the first generation Fairlady Z (S30), but the Y-shaped edge of the hood and the area around the headlights have many fine edges, so we paid attention to them when creating the prototype. The front fenders and doors.

The edges extending from the front fenders to the rear edge of the doors were also finished so as not to emphasize them too much.

The 10-spoke wheels are cut from brass and replicated in white metal. The 10-spoke wheels are machined from brass and replicated in white metal for a thin and sharp shape that is difficult to produce with injection parts.

The front and rear lights pay homage to the old model and are realistically reproduced using a combination of clear and etched parts.

About Make Up Co., Ltd.:

Our make-up was born in a room in "Central Apartment" in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1978.

Its history begins when our representative Hideyuki Uemoto was inspired by the model culture of his area at the annual "Model Engineer Exhibition" held at Wembley Park in the United Kingdom.

Here, we will deliver the history of our company by interweaving Uemoto's own recollections.

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