EIDOLON 1:43 Honda NSX (NA1) type T (NA1) 1997

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Title: Sebring Silver Metallic
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Make: Honda
Model: NSX (NA1) Targa
Color: Various
Brand: Make Up Co., Ltd.
Part Number: EM582
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:43

[Vehicle Description]:
In 1990, Honda's first midship sports car, the NSX, was launched.

The NSX also served as a billboard for Honda cars, and its all-aluminum monocoque and outer panels, the first of their kind in mass production, are remembered as a hot topic. There was no shortage of controversial stories, such as the episode where F1 pilot Ayrton Senna test drove the car during the prototype stage, and his opinions were reflected in the development process.

The first generation NSX continued to undergo improvements, including an increase in engine displacement (from 3.0 to 3.2 liters), and was produced until 2005, with the addition of the ultra-hard Type R for circuit use, the Type S/S-zero for sports use, and the Type T convertible model.

[Product Description]:

Up until now, we have commercialized the NA1 (3.0 liter engine) and NA2 (3.2 liter engine) versions of the first generation NSX, both early and late, but this will be the first time for us to produce an open (targa top) version.

The body prototype is designed by 3D CAD based on our scanning of the actual car. We do not like to change the impression of the real car by intentional deformations, and aim to express the proportions objectively and as faithfully as possible to the real car.

The roof panel is removable, just like the real car, so you can enjoy closely observing the well-crafted cockpit. In addition, the thin panel lines, which are close to the limit for a 1/43 scale model car.

EM582A : Sebring Silver Metallic (limited 100 pcs, For Over sea 50 pcs)
EM582B : Formula Red (limited 50 pcs, For Over sea 25 pcs)
EM582C : Midnight Pearl (limited 50 pcs, For Over sea 25 pcs)
EM582D : Charlotte Green Pearl (limited 50 pcs, For Over sea 25 pcs)
EM582E : Grand Prix White (limited 50 pcs, For Over sea 25 pcs)

About Make Up Co., Ltd.:

Our make-up was born in a room in "Central Apartment" in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1978.

Its history begins when our representative Hideyuki Uemoto was inspired by the model culture of his area at the annual "Model Engineer Exhibition" held at Wembley Park in the United Kingdom.

Here, we will deliver the history of our company by interweaving Uemoto's own recollections.

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