Make Up Co., Ltd / Vision 1:43 Porsche Singer 911 (964) Coupe

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Make: Porsche
Model: 911 (964)
Color: Various
Brand: Make Up Co., Ltd. / Vision
Part Number: VM111
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:43
Release Date*: Released

Vehicle Description:

Based on the "Porsche 911 (964)", it is a model that faithfully reproduces the "Porsche Singer 911 (964)" created by restoring and modifying using the latest technology.

In this model, we created the singer 911 based on the 911. The exterior such as the rear flared fender and the front bumper of the original design have been faithfully reproduced. All the lights are new and recreated to bring it closer to the live-action atmosphere.

In addition to body color, seat shape, presence or absence of driving lamps, stripes, etc. differ depending on the individual vehicle. It is a model that allows you to enjoy such detailed details.

Product Description:

Singer Vehicle Design, which has a factory in Los Angeles, has recreated the vehicle based on the Porsche 911 (964) and is doing a very attractive restoration. The exterior image follows the image of the 1973 until 911, but the body panels have been replaced with original carbon parts. The lights have also been changed to a projector type, giving it a modern atmosphere without destroying the design of the 911.

The interior will also be thoroughly modified. At the request of the customer, comfortable seats made of braided leather and lightweight bucket seats with carbon shells can be installed. Leather-wrapped roll bars and racing harnesses can also be fitted upon customer request.

About Make Up Co., Ltd.:

Our make-up was born in a room in "Central Apartment" in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1978.

Its history begins when our representative Hideyuki Uemoto was inspired by the model culture of his area at the annual "Model Engineer Exhibition" held at Wembley Park in the United Kingdom.

Here, we will deliver the history of our company by interweaving Uemoto's own recollections.


  • Includes acrylic base
  • Includes acrylic case
  • Limited to 50 pieces world wide for US and 50 pieces world wide for Japan!

About Resin Models:
Although higher in price, resin models offer an extreme amount of detail and precision.  The finish is near flawless in presentation, they are limited in production, they offer a ton of photo-etch details and some of the tiniest features are shown.  Resin models are especially great when it comes to makes, models and aftermarket styles that we often do not see when it comes to our favorite cars.  These are offered in every model car scale and great for the collector minded people that want something unique from every angle.


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