One Model 1:64 Honda S2000 Top Fuel Honda S2000 Type-RR

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This spectacular little resin model is sure to win you over with it's attention to detail, finish and overall craftsmanship.

If you're looking for the ultimate 1/64 Honda S2000, you may have just come to the right place to find it!  Check out some of the features below.

  • Includes a smooth high-quality acrylic base
  • Includes durable and dust free acrylic case
  • Designed into a true 1/64 scale model car
  • Presents all the aftermarket aero, livery and setup as it exists in real life
  • Limited production model once they're gone they're gone

About Resin Models:

Although priced differently than what you're used to paying for a 64 scale model car, resin models offer an extreme amount of detail and precision.  The finish is near flawless in presentation, limited in production, include photo-etch details and some of the tiniest features are present. 

Resin models are especially great when it comes to makes, models and aftermarket styles that we often do not see when it comes to our favorite cars in real life.  These are offered in every model car scale and great for the collector minded people that want something unique from every angle.

About One Model:

Collecting is a practice with old cultural history.  Scaling down a real-size car into a model car display is no longer a dream!

One Model Limited was established in 2013 with a dream of making resin model car for automotive real collectors who collect, display, store and appreciate in a lifelong pursuit.

With professional know how and dedicated craftsmanship, high quality resin products of miniature parts are assembled to meet market needs.

A wide range of products, not limited to the well-known Japanese automotive car models, but also various super-hot tuning model cars are among the most popular demand across the world.

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Customer Reviews

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Tyler Miura
Best of the best

This one’s a keeper. So many intricate and delicate pieces that capture every detail of the real car, it’s insane to know this is “hot wheels” scale. The acrylic case and base look phenomenal and even the presentation box has a weighty quality feel to it. Glad I was able to order one

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